Saturday, February 15, 2020


Tholi Spani (Pty) LTD is a black owned brand founded by Vusi Gumede. We are passionate about art, Fashion and Music. We much more than a brand, we are a vision for the future.

We are dynamic, multi ethnic nation made of all races, street culture and street religion. our unique style and love of art, fashion and music, drives us to dig and capture the heart of everyone on every street corner.

If you want information on the coolest staff happening in the South African Street and South African venues as well as new hottest talent on the street near you then is your daily dose of entertainment.

We provide : a unique and diverse style that makes entertainment great.

  • we bring all your fans and clients in your space.
  • we build and strengthen your current network by creating and open space for people of all walk of life to express themselves in a form of the gift that they’re born within, that no degree can give you.
  • We help artist and brands to tell their story to market themselves in order to reach their clients and customers whenever they’re as the idea behind is to create an online magazine version of South African Culture and Street Religion.

Our aim is to go global, we want to raise aspiration, smash negative stereotypes and strive hard to archive our goal. we are learning and growing, we realised that was need for something new and fresh that why we Stepped in to fill a gap.

We are the source of new talent, art, fashion, media, music and lifestyle as well as the place to get information on the coolest trends. we are the definite guide to local entertainment and we want you to join our movement, the real will Support.


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