There are many talented artists and craftsman across South Africa. There is beautiful art everywhere we look. But nothing compares to art that has a message. There is an organization called Heartworks in Cape Town that is trying to change the world through art. Margaret Woermann, the woman who created Heartworks, wanted to give back to the community in two ways: through art and through job creation.

At Heartworks, Woermann’s staff is comprised of marginalised women who want to bring joy to others through art. Heartworks completely revolutionised South African art and, in many ways, brought it to the forefront. The company started in 2000 and has helped created hundreds of jobs, as well as create thousands of unique pieces of art. Heartworks items range from embroidered bags and beaded animals to wooden carvings. In any Heartworks shop, there is bound to be something for everyone. All of the art in Heartworks shops was created as a way to feed the soul- and it shows. When looking at any of the pieces made by the Heartworks women, it’s easy to see just how much time and love went into making each and every piece.

In any Heartworks shop, there is bound to be something for everyone

As time has gone on, Heartworks art has gained both national and international traction. Crafters from the most remote areas of South Africa have truly come together to show off their skills and passion through their art. Woermann and her staff are passionate about the unique quality and intimacy of handmade gifts. They are all truly one-of-a-kind and like nothing you could find in any other “tourist” shops in Cape Town.

If you want to support both local job creation and local art, Heartworks is the place for you. At Tholispani.Space, we are always on the lookout for talented artists to feature on our blog.

If you have someone in mind, please do let us know!


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