At Tholispani.Space  we are all about supporting black entrepreneurs in our communities. As many of us know, it’s quite difficult to start a business in South Africa as a black man or woman particularly, even living in this “rainbow nation” democracy.

However, there is nothing more powerful than a black-owned business- except an all-female black-owned business! Imbali Event Specialists is one of the only black-owned all-female event planning businesses in South Africa. In a country where most businesses are owned by white men, this is revolutionary.


Imbali Event Specialists operates in both Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. This incredible company has been in operation since 2012 and their mission is to create “beautiful and memorable experiences.”

Imbali plans a wide range of events from business conferences to graduation parties. This women-powered organisation is able to work with clients to bring their imagination to life. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your event to look like or simply have a theme, Imbali is able to work with you to create the event of your dreams.

However, the company does more than just plan your event- which is a large task in and of itself. They can also provide nearly everything that you would need at your event including chairs, decor, photographers, flooring, stretch tents, and much more.

While Imbali offers high-quality events, they also understand the importance of planning an event in your budget. Their event packages start as low as R2500! Their website details several events packages on offer to make the event planning process go smoothly. These packages are especially helpful for weddings, as they include everything you could possibly need for a beautiful reception. Businesses like Imbali Event Specialists are so important.

They show how powerful not only members of the black community are, but black women in particular. As South Africans, it’s crucial that we support small businesses owned by our black brothers and sisters. If you are planning to host an event soon and live in the Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth areas, don’t hesitate to contact Imbali! You won’t be disappointed!


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