There are a wide variety of community-based events happening in different cities across South Africa every day. When our community hosts an event, it’s crucial that we show our support. This is how strong and reliable communities are made.

However, “liking” the event’s Facebook page is just not enough.

It’s time that we not only get excited about these events, but also support them financially by purchasing tickets or donating. Here’s why:

•Event planning is no easy feat. Many hours of work go into planning any event, whether it’s a fundraiser, concert, or talent show. From finding a venue to arranging entertainment, large events can take up to a year to plan. By financially supporting these events, we show our community members that we value their time.

•Setting up for an event can take anywhere from hours to days. Workers and volunteers spend so much time setting up for events, from arranging seating to testing sound equipment. The least we could do is buy tickets to the event to show our appreciation.

•Community success is beneficial for us all. When members of our community succeed, so do we. If someone in our community hosts a successful event, the community can benefit in a wide variety of ways from increased tourism to improved entertainment. By financially supporting their event, we are also helping to support our own community.

The next time you hear about an event in your community, GO! Challenge yourself to be the first person to buy tickets.

Whether that means logging onto the event website first thing in the morning or contacting the event planner as soon as details are released, do it! If tickets aren’t available, contact the event planner and ask other ways that you can contribute. Maybe the event is associated with a nonprofit organization or is looking for donors to help sponsor the event. It’s time that we all step up to the plate and start supporting our local events financially.



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