Just a few decades ago, when people thought about “fashion,” their minds would immediately go to expensive, high-end brands and trendy outfits that they saw in magazines. However, there are many different kinds of fashion styles today. While designer brands are still popular, the emerging street fashion trend has arguably taken over.

 Today, the hashtag “#ootd” (outfit of the day) was used in over 232 million Instagram posts

street fashion, also referred to as street style, is fashion that was birthed from an underground, counterculture movement. Street fashion styles typically differ from mainstream fashion trends and are inspired by outfits worn by real people on the streets rather than models on a runway. It is considered representative of youth culture and the urban movement.

With the development of social media influencers and professional bloggers, street fashion has become even more popular. Today, the hashtag “#ootd” (outfit of the day) was used in over 232 million Instagram posts. Professional bloggers also oftentimes have photoshoots on the streets in their communities, wearing trendy everyday clothes.


In a time when we are taught to all think the same, dress the same, and follow the same life path- street fashion is incredibly important. Being able to creatively express ourselves when we walk outside every day is something that helps us stand out from the crowd.

At Tholispani.Space, we are huge supporters of individuality, creativity, and freedom of expression. Whether you are a street artist or street style fan, you can count on the team at WwW.Tholispani.Space to cheer you on.



Having a sense of individuality is so important- especially to the millennial generation that society loves to generalise.

Photo credit for all photos in this article goes to Provo the Founder of KOTINI AFFAIR, Kotini Affair is for people who love fashion, socializing and partying. his aim for Kotini affair is to bring people together, come all dressed up in any style that they like and socialize with other fashion lovers in a good safe environment with good vibes and have some various types of music, fun activities & free drinks. Best dressed group of the night gets awarded.

Photos were taken at Pholobaz Lounge at Emolweni : Inanda Road



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