A Public Relation Graduate And self made Business Woman which in modern terms “An Entrepreneur” Nothando Mazibuko, a 25 years old female, was Born and bread in Durban, she attended Palmiet Primary and moved to Bechet high school up until 2012 when she completed her matric. and started her journey immediately after matric which was 2013 where she landed herself her very first job as a checkout assistant at Pick n Pay.

The initial plan was for her to pass her matric and go straight to university however life took it’s own path and different directions had to be taken therefore she decided to get herself a job and take things from there. Her first job was an eye opener towards another aspect of life and she had continuously told herself that working such a job wasn’t going to be the end of her so she pushed as hard as she could to find ways to study. A year went by then as the Second year took its turn. Nothando was blessed enough to find herself a sponsorship and decided to study, three years later with part time PR jobs and in 2017 she was now a graduate with a diploma in public relations and guess what? At that point she thought that this is it, this is her biggest break but unfortunately it wasn’t. Being a graduate didn’t change much in her life besides being continuously stressed on how to find a job however with the unemployed graduate rate nothing really did work out as planned so it was back to the drawing board.


 Early 2017 Nothando managed to find herself a job as a receptionist at an IT company which didn’t last long and off that she had Soon shifted to a call centre later 2017. which was a downfall for her; however she gave it what she had.

Few months in the call center around late 2017 and early 2018, Nothando started a clothing brand and registered it as a business, the brand received positive responses from her colleagues, friends and social media however the brand wasn’t bringing in as much as her daily job was, so she Continued working and carried on with the brand on the side. Mid 2018 she found herself in a situation which life had thrown at her and so for a good year her brand had stopped producing and her life was in turmoil.

she decided to grab the bull by it’s horn and in 2019 she started her very own water service called StayUp Premium Water which is a decision She made after going through trials and tribulations.

Nothando Mazibuko is now her own boss at a very young age, She was able to make it work to a point of even taking herself to the college, despite all the ups and downs. moral of her story is to motivate and inspire the young woman’s to not ever give up and keep the head held up high, but most importantly you need to have a dream, prepare, focus, speak and  dress like your destination, work hard towards your dream and truly you will become your destination. Nothando Mazibuko is proof that dreams really do come true.


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