Have you heard of Secret Sunrise before? No? Maybe the secret has been kept a little too well..

“Secret Sunrise is on a mission to change the world… One dance at a time”

Secret Sunrise is a global community that celebrates life through music, movement and connection. And guess what? It was born right here, yup -it’s  #ProudlySouthAfrican

Existing locally in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, it has now spread around the globe; from London and Amsterdam to Thailand and Bali! South Africans continue to make waves around the world!

So, how does it work?

Using headphone technology, headsets are handed to you on arrival, highly trained
facilitators guide you through a series of music of all genres. Sessions encompass the best facets of many of the best practices, from meditation, breathwork, movement, mindfulness and dance. Each session is unique, often curated according to a theme that attendees come together to celebrate and are even welcome to dress up to. People often show up wearing tutu’s, bright clothing or those stranger items you can find at the back of your closet that don’t quite match with anything else.

Need a visual example? Check out their video here; Video

Secret Sunrise brings together people of all walks of life and as Jane Killian of GIJane (@gijanefit) says;

“It is such a privilege to be able to meet so many interesting Durbanites and to dance alongside them while they are learning to let go and to be free.”

Being big fans of GI Jane, we are looking forward to attending one of her events in Durban soon. It’s
also great to know you can meet up with friends from all over the country and attend events with

them wherever you are in South Africa. We urge you to get involved, get your body moving,
appreciate the spectacular sites that South Africa has to offer, and make new friends

The next Secret Sunrise session is a yoga-focused event at Makaranga Lodge, a beautiful garden venue in Kloof, KZN. Sesions are R100, remember to bring your own mat!

Any general enquiries? Send a mail to durban@secretsunrise.com.

Follow Secret Sunrise in your city on Instagram here


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