As a very proud Durbanite it is a pity to admit that the night life isn’t stellar. There are places few and far between that draw a crowd, have a vibe and look aesthetically pleasing. In comes The Chairman. A friend invited me there for a Friday night-out a couple of years ago. I was very apprehensive, The Chairman is located on what used to be called “Point Road”, a place that had a seedy reputation back in the day. Little did I know how much that “Point Precinct” has grown.

Turns out The Chairman is the dream project of a young architecture firm! The gents of DGIT saw the amazing potential Point Precinct exudes and bought us the amazing Blues and Jazz lounge that we
have today.

The décor is gorgeous, leather and velvet, beautiful paintings and artworks, various rooms with different looks and feels.
“As designers, we saw a perfect opportunity to lead by example and create the city we want to live in….project by project.”

My absolutely favourite part of frequenting this establishment? It is the place for people of all walks of life to enjoy. I often end up making conversation with people I reckon I never would have met anywhere else.


There’s something different that draws in the different crowds; the music, or the
vibe (one of the only places I wear high heels to), or the décor, or the fancy drinks. It truly is
something special.

Th Chairman have live music almost every Friday and Saturday. There are jazz and blue bands that visit from all over the world and they sure do bring the vibe.

Every time I visit The Chairman, I forget
that I am actually not at a jazz club in New York City.

With a very impressive 4.9 stars out of 5 on Facebook (out of 319 reviews), it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed when visiting! Top tip: If you have a party of 6 people or more then I suggest you book beforehand! Also, there is a strict dress code policy and no weapons, narcotics or firearms permitted on site.

To keep an eye on The Chairman’s upcoming events, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram : 
The Chairman on Facebook
The Chairman on Instagram
The Chairman’s website

Copy credit:
Camilla Gildenhuys

Image credits:
● The Chairman
South African Tourism
Roxanne Smith
Nicole Mills
HJ Jansen van Rensburg


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