my real birth name is tsepo khubisa from Durban, Clermont.

1. Q- Define your brand in less than 5 words.

A- Consistancy, Entertainment, Adventure , Fun & complex.

2. Q- Choose one #hashtag that encapsulates your brand.

A- #ChocolatePartyExperience

3. Q- What prompted you to create your brand?

A- My love for music started back when i was in primary school, i’d go to disco’s and really enjoy the variety of music, i then started collecting my own music at high school entry level then. I then shortly after thaught myself DJ’ying and music production.

4. Q- What is your brand’s vision?

A-  The vision is to to be recognized globally through the talent and perseverance.

5. Q- What is your brand’s mission?

A- Promoting the brand through its music, events and social space.

6. Q- What are your brand’s values?

A- My brand does not only focus on myself, it also uplifts other upcoming artists i had the chance of working with DJ Lag who is now known internationally as the Gqomking, currently I am working closely on promoting an upcoming female DJ “DJ Mangie” who is the only female DJ in Clermont, KZN.

About me: I am a multitalented artist who is very ambitious.


7. Q- What inspires you?

A-  The likes of Black Coffee, Tira, Oskido and even my boy DJ LAG.

8. Q-  If you were to produce a documentary, what would be the focus?

A – My day to day hustle and the entertainment struggle.

9. Q- What are you most looking forward to at this time in your life?

A- Making enough to benefit even my family’s dreams.

Dj Tempo Since 2008

I want to be remembered for being an influencer

10. Q- What is your proudest achievement in life? Why?

A- Getting my brand known in other provinces such as East Cape, Western Cape & Johannesburg.

11. Q- What is one challenge that you have faced in life?

A- Getting the recognition i think i deserve.

12. Q- How did you solve this challenge?

A- I changed my team and target market.

13. Q- Have you ever missed a deadline?

A- Yes, A couple of times.

14. Q- What did that experience teach you?

A- Never overwork myself.

15. Q- How do you push ahead in your toughest times?

A- By remembering why i started.

16. Q-  What did that experience teach you?

A- Focus on my goal.

17. Q- Do you prefer working solo or in a team?

A- All of the above.


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