As we have mentioned before- and as you likely know yourself- there is a divide between urban and township communities. South Africa has one of the largest divides between the wealthy and the working class than in any other country. However, that doesn’t mute the influence of township culture. Township culture has influenced nearly every aspect of South African society from food to fashion.

There is a large debate about the difference between urban fashion and kasi fashion. While one was born on the streets of the city, the other was born on the streets of the township. But they have one thing in common: they are both street style. And street style is synonymous with “urban fashion”.

Urban fashion is defined as a style that takes influence from the quirky, individual styles of those on the streets. Since we now live in a more blended society where people from the city and from the kasi walk together, these two fashion trends have become somewhat blended. In fact, many aspects of Cape Town urban fashion has been adopted by Jozi kasi fashion.

One brand that has done extensive work to bridge the gap between urban and kasi fashion is Originally Kasified Clothing. This Joburg-based clothing brand offers trendy, minimalistic pieces of clothing inspired by the colours, Jazz era and patterns found in the township. Originally Kasified Clothing was created in Soweto, which you can tell by just looking at the clothing line.

 It is bursting with different colOUrs, traditional patterns, and textures that one would find in Jozi kasi fashion. However, the brand has become even more popular in recent years and even appeared in SA Fashion Week 2017 and sa fashion week 2018.

This event marked its transition from kasi fashion to urban fashion, while still holding characteristics of both.


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